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We are different! ... Road Warrior Australian Cattle Dog Rescue is more than a rescue. We focus on not only the problem of abandoned Cattle Dogs but also on the root causes.

We are 501c3 approved, 100% volunteer-run and and we all wear many hats! These are our Executive Board members and Directors and their key responsibilities:

Vision - To eliminate the need for shelters by being the leader in Australian Cattle Dog rescue, outreach and advocating for the Eastern and Southern United States and Central and Eastern Canada. (Geographic area noted under Section 2: Location.)

Mission - Road Warrior Australian Cattle Dog Rescue is a fully-volunteer run US organization whose over-arching goal is to support the current Australian Cattle Dog population when faced with re-homing, as well as owners, guardians, shelters and other principled rescues in a responsible and ethical manner to reduce shelter populations, overall population and the spread of transmissible disease. We are focused on three program areas with the focus on Australian Cattle Dogs:

1) re-homing the breed from improper homes and “rescue” from shelters to approved foster homes for adoption placement,

2) healthcare and support outreach programs for all breeds for spay-neuter and vaccines through partnerships with veterinary clinics and,

3) advocating for stricter animal welfare laws and legislation for all breeds/mixed-breed dogs.

We are organized to promote and assist in re-homing Australian Cattle Dogs, responsible dog ownership through education, improved health and healthcare of dogs to control population and the advocacy of animal welfare. Our headquarters are in Havelock, North Carolina and we operate in the US and Canada, focusing on the eastern states in the US and central and eastern provinces of Canada as noted, but not limited to:

US: - Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New York State, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia

Canada: Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia


Our Core Values

Ethics, Dedication and Commitment  - We insist on the highest ethics from our members and partners and in every aspect of our operations will demonstrate dedication and commitment to not only stakeholders, but to individual dogs that we take into our care.

Visionary Leadership and Forward-thinking, Progressive Solutions - We apply visionary leadership and endeavor to challenge out dated practices and doctrines to improve the quality of life for dogs and encourage and foster it from our members at every level.

Responsible, Goal-Focused Action - We only take action where success and goals are identified and do so with the highest level of responsibility.

Proactive, Results-Focused - We engage in the above activities proactively and with the expectation that results are constructive and will  benefit our overall goals.

Continued and Shared Education - Commit to do everything possible to further the education of our members, partners and the areas we serve.

Without Contravention - At no time or in action will we engage in any activity that could contravene the above values and principles.



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Nov 4th, 2014 - Our 501c3 has been APPROVED!!

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